Harga: RM 80.00


Nama: Wee Yu Chwern
Telefon: 0123281411
Poskod: 57000
Bandar: Sri Petaling
Negeri: Kuala Lumpur



Natural base Bio-fertilizer, bio-control for pest and disease, soil rejuvenator.
- Foliar fertilizer, root treatment, plant growth promoter, enhanced seed germination, soil treatment for heavy metal or other toxic, anti fungal agent.
- Increase plant resistance to diseases, increase immunity, increase soil fertility.
- increase yield quantity/ quality, improve soil pH.

able to treat/ control:
Banana disease:
Panama wilt (Fusarium), Moko, Nematodes, Sigatoka leaf spot.

Cocoa disease:
Vascular-streak dieback (VSD) (Oncobasidium theobromae)
Black pod rot: Phytophthora megakarya P. plamiyora

Oil Palm:

- also can be use in dairy, poultry and fisheries industry as probiotic animal feed for livestock and probiotic fish meal.
- it can also be use in cleaning of oil contaminated surface/area, water & waste water treatment, and petroleum oil recovery.

for sale:
- RM80 - 4 liters bottle pack (mix up to 400 liters solution)
- RM25 - 1 liter trial pack (mix up to 100 liters solution)

COD at Kuala Lumpur or PJ area.
outstation can send by Poslaju courier service (postage not included).

contact/whatsapp: Wee 0123281411 or Liew 0133503295


Jenis Iklan: Tawaran Jualan
Status Iklan: Syarikat