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Nama: MR.FD
Telefon: 0168828458
Poskod: 91308
Bandar: semporna
Negeri: Sabah



| Introduction |

Beautiful island in Semporna Sabah, known as Sebangkat Island is 8 acres and Private property. Semporna is a tourist area with great world potential such as Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Bohey Dulang, Kapalai and many more. Sebangkat Island is the nearest to the mainland. It can be seen from the coastal town of Semporna, located about 10km away. It takes around 10-15 minutes to reach the island by boat.

| Potential Developments |

Highly recommend, develop resorts or chalets along side with seasport equipments rental.

| Esthetic Value |

Very breathtaking scenery with stunning natural landscape and nearest Bohey Dulang and Taman Marine Tun Sakaran. Crystal clear water. Snorkling and diving. Coral Reefs. A beautiful stretch of sandy beach lies towards the southwest corner of the island. Snorkel in the calm waters among the seagrass and some common seahorses. Sea Gypsies also Seaweed Farm.

| Price |

Willingly to sale up to MYR 1,700,000.00 for 1 Acres, it also available for rent.


Jenis Iklan: Tawaran Jualan
Status Iklan: Persendirian