Nama: Mohamad Faiz Bin Mohamad
Telefon: 019 2646714
Poskod: 11900
Bandar: Kuala Lumpur
Negeri: Kuala Lumpur



* This program is designed to support you in developing relevant career skills as you join the workforce.
* The program includes a phased development approach of a minimum *69.5 hours will prepare you for your On the Job Assignment (OJA).
* You will be assigned related modules based on the learning path designed to cater to your development and FUTURE CAREER !
* You will have access to work with the best global conglomerates with a footprint in Malaysia as well as reputable local organizations in BPO, Telco, Banking Shared Service and Manufacturing

Degree in Anyfield Age 27 and below unemployed for 6 months and above

1 month Training + 6 month Intern (On Job Assignment)

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Melacca & Johor Bahru
(Traininig Location will be in KL)"

Working Days : Monday - Friday
Working Hours : 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Salary : RM1500.00 to RM2000.00 and other Allowance is subject to the Host company during the Program

- Annual leave & Medical Leave entitlement
- Insurance Coverage

Serious applicants that can START IMMEDIATELY should :

Whatsapp or SMS ( at
Send me your updated resume - Title : Climb Project to"


Jenis Iklan: Lain-lain
Status Iklan: Syarikat