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Nama: typist/data entry from home
Telefon: 011116077300
Poskod: 08000
Bandar: KEDAH
Negeri: Kuala Lumpur



Greetings from us home typist!

Throughout the year of 2017, we find as many interested individuals to add income from home as a Data Processing Typist advertising (Ads Home Based Data Entry / Typist Personnel) in Malaysia. We are an online consultant who introduced the technique to build a career through the Internet and only offer ideas to build their own careers. we offer services and techniques to build a career online through an easy and effective. Because of the encouraging response received, we are looking for individuals who are responsible for type advertising data; at the time and the comfort of home.

Field Work

Typist Data Processing as your advertising don't have to : -
1. call / customer contact,

2. handle a lot of envelopes,

3. to review any information (survey),

4. the wrong job at the law.

5. find anyone,

6. Angry by the boss,

7. per work during office hours (9.00am - 5.30pm), and

You only need to process data from home and advertising at any time you desire. By registering as a Typist Data Processing advertising, you only need to: --

1. process data on advertising,

2. work from home, cyber cafe, offices, colleges, etc.,

3. any time (you set your own time schedule)

PLEASE VISIT http://hometypist2017.webs.com/ FOR MORE INFORMATION


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