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Poskod: 68000
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Negeri: Selangor



Pelbagai barangan yang ada untuk dijual (Harga dari RM8 - RM500)

Tshirt RAGLAN - 9 Helai
Tshirt SARRA - 7 Helai
Tshirt L& XL - 18 Helai
Towel B - 9 Helai
Towel S - 7 Helai
Barang Hiasan rumah – 4 Pcs
Kasut Original RED WINGS - 1 Pasang

Story Books - Stock Available
1. Eerie Tales To Chill Your Bones by Freaky Nick - 3pcs
2. Spirit Of The Forest by Midnight Magician - 4 pcs
3. The Uninvited by Vinsten de sade - 5 pcs
4. Night Terrors by Freaky Nick - 5 Pcs
5. Something Behind You by Uriah Creep - 7 pcs
6. Twist From Haunting Tales by Madame Guillotine - 5 pcs
7. Fraser Hill Haunt by Shadow Trails- 4 pcs
8. Ghost Of Revenge by Capt Franz Deinker - 5 pcs
9. Haunting Of the Heart by Mourning Cicada - 8 pcs
10. Horrifying Tales Unearthed by Dark Dreamer - 5 pcs

The Shadow Beasts Series (5 pcs every book)

Book 1: The Dark Mystery of the Shadow Beasts introduces readers to this fantastic set of new characters.

Book 2: Attack of the Shadow Beasts, whereby the Shadow Beasts go on attack and reveal more of their true nature. Are Shadow Beasts friend...foe...or both?

Book 3: The Conquering Beasts, in which the battle intensifies as The Outcasts fight to reach Hayven.

Book 4: Battle of the Shadow Beasts, where the Outcasts discover their final fate: will it be Hayven or the terrifying world of CH NOPS?

The Shadow Beasts Series is an exciting new science fiction/
fantasy series for young teen readers!


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