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Waterstop is " A section of flexible waterproofing material placed at any joint in concrete to prevent passage of water ". Joints in concrete structures, one side is subject to hydrostatic load, are provided with waterstops bridging the joints and embedded in concrete on either side. In concrete joints where expansion and contraction cause the joints to close and open, waterstop then are designed to accommodate itself to such movements.

Flexijoint PVC Series Waterstop is extruded from specially formulated and blended high grade PVC compound. It meets local " SIRIM " standard specification and international standard and widely applied in construction industry.

Display shown is Flexijoint PVC Waterstop " H " Series of FXJ - H150 (150mm), FXJ - H200 (200mm) and FXJ - H250 (250mm) width accommodate concrete expansion joints. Flexijoint PVC " H " Series :-

150mm ~ Good application to expansion joints of low water pressure;

200mm ~ Good application to expansion joints where water pressure and displacements are greater than the " H " Series 150mm;

250mm ~ Good application to high water pressure like in reservoirs, dams, sewerage plants and water gates.
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Flexijoint PVC Waterstop Application:
Dams, Canals, Aquaducts, Large Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects, Bridges, Roads, Tunnels, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Water Filteration Plants, Sewerage Disposal System Neutralization Tanks, Basements, Foundation Floor Slabs, Retaining Walls, Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Shipyards, Docks, Cooling Towers.

Flexijoint PVC Waterstop by Flexijoint Industries, market and sale by Flexijoint Industrial Marketing & Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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