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Road studs are commonly known as highway studs or railways studs or highway markers.Road studs are a type of traffic safety product fixed in the middle of lane lines or yellow double-line for, through its retro reflection, reminding drivers to drive their vehicles along with the lanes.

Features :-
~ Size 121mm x 111mm x 20mm;
~ Visually better than of common road stud;
~ Poly crystalline silicon or single crystalline silicon (3v,75mA) solar cell;
~ Ni-MH (1000mAH) or Super Capacitor (50F) battery source;
~ Super luminosity LED as light source;
~ 4 pieces of LED;
~ Various luminosity colors of red, green, blue, white, yellow;
~ Varying Type or Constant Type luminous mode;
~ Operating time above 108 hours for Varying Type(150 times/minute);More than 24 hours for Constant Type (standard luminosity intensity);
~ Work temperature between -25 to +75 degree C;
~ Material of light of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate;
~ Resist compression up to 30 tons;
~ Waterproof grade IP>67;
~ Shell Life >5 years (Ni-MH) or >15 year ( Super Capacitor);
~ Visibility distance over 800 meters;
~ Weight 430g.

Solar Road Stud with reflector 121mm x 111mm x 20mm market and sale by Flexijoint Industrial Marketing & Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For further enquiry, please contact us at T: +6 03 79541136 M: +6 016 3111313 F: +6 03 79808259 E: flexijoint.ims@gmail.com.


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