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We are currently conducting Automotive Mystery Shopping Project starting from January 2023.
Mystery Shopping is an evaluation method that is practiced since 1940’s by companies or firms to find out how their products and services are received and thought by their customer. In Mystery Shopping, it involves Mystery Shopper posing as a regular customer evaluating products and services provided by the company.

This is a part time job which takes up 1-2 hours depending on the retailer/dealership/outlet assigned. Mystery Shoppers are required to conduct the mystery shopping from Monday to Friday between 10.30 AM to 4.00 PM. We will brief mystery shopper before the mystery shopping exercise.

Job Requirements:
• 28 years old and above
• Malaysian
• Male or Female
• Any race
• Know how to use computer and Excel
• Have driving license
• Must possess phone with camera features, audio recording device

If you are keen to participate kindly e-mail your details as below to

Industry Working In:
Contact Number:
Current Location:
Vehicle Own Model 1:
Household Vehicle Ownership 2:
License (e.g; D, B, B2):
Convenient Time to Contact:

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If not, click here to sign up and become one of our mystery shopper or you will miss out the opportunity to do any assignments!

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