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Nama: Flexijoint Industrial Marketing & Services
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Road studs are commonly known as highway studs or railways studs or highway markers.Road studs are a type of traffic safety product fixed in the middle of lane lines or yellow double-line for, through its retro reflection, reminding drivers to drive their vehicles along with the lanes.

Features :-
~ ASTM D4280, EN1463-1, SIRIM 1719:2003 standard;
~ PMMA lens ensure highest reflectivity;
Reflectivity ( White Colour ):-
Entrance Angle ( βH , βv=0° ) ±15° ±10° ±5° Observation Angle α 2° 1° 0.3°

EN1463-1 (mcd/lx) 2.5 25 220
Sample 1 (mcd/lx) 3.8 39 345
Sample 2 (mcd/lx) 5.1 50 442
Sample 3 (mcd/lx) 4.6 47 416

(White mcd/lux), (Oberservation Angle=0.2 degree):-

Test Point 20L 0.2deg 20R
ASTM D4280 112 279 112
Sample 1 178 628 196
Sample 2 275 702 249
Sample 3 245 612 203

~ Lowest cost;
~ High load capacity;
~ Good adhesive ability;
~ Easy to install;

Epoxy resin installation method is normally adopted generally for installation of road studs. Two component road stud epoxy adhesive is usually used. Part A and Part B should be mixed thoroughly. To avoid wastage do not mix more epoxy than what will be required in the next 25 minutes (i.e. start with 1 liter only). 8 to 10 studs can be installed per liter of epoxy.

Aluminium octagonal shape K Lite KT-304 road stud with Double Amber reflector 127mm x 90mm x 23mm market and sale by Flexijoint Industrial Marketing & Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For further enquiry, please contact us at T: +6 03 79541136 M: +6 016 3111313 F: +6 03 79808259 E:


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Status Iklan: Syarikat

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