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Negeri: Kuala Lumpur



Snackysneaky is a Malaysia creative marketplace to sell & shop for gifts & themed boxes. We believe that each is hand-picked and thoughtfully curated by our vendors. We help you send gifts & thoughts & make you pay less for an awesome gift. Our main goal is to provide A SET OF ITEMS at ONE REASONABLE PRICE, which is cheaper than in the market itself.

What We Stand For?

Snackysneaky’s larger vision is to build a community, providing a platform for young entrepreneurs & crafters, to reach their passion & goals. We market their products & help to introduce their brands.

Our small mission is to spread love & surprises, therefore these ideas and creativity are packed in a box so that we can spread and deliver them everywhere.

How We Got Here?

Founded in August 2016, Snackysneaky’s first themed box is CREATIVE, specially curated for those who love creativity and DIY. Everything in Snackysneaky is built from zero to one. Thanks to vendors that put trust on Snackysneaky, we promise you that we are expanding every minute.


Jenis Iklan: Tawaran Jualan
Status Iklan: Persendirian
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